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Monroe Premier was developed to provide quality, youth soccer programs for all members no matter the skill level to enjoy, to have fun and to compete with friends within our soccer community. We incline to set forth hopeful soccer players and teams, a safe and supportive environment, who excel in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game.

Our pursuit to instill our young players with positive core values and an excellent work ethic, will ultimately provide a platform that empowers our youth to be successful both on and off the field. This plan is with hopes to inspire and develop the next generation of soccer players by providing a supportive and welcoming environment that fosters a love for the game. Thus creating a community of passionate and driven athletes who embody the spirit of this beautiful sport and make a positive impact in their communities.

Unparalleled, Monroe Premier strives for excellence and will always be in the continuous development of our coaching skills and knowledge through US Soccer coaching courses, mentoring and support. Aligned with this philosophy, of continually evolving, we will infuse methods of honoring the game and all that it entails, with respect to the sports roots, with its rules, opponents, officials, teammates and themselves. Serving ALL Florida Keys youth soccer athletes

Marathon, Florida - Big Pine, Florida - Islamorada, Florida - Key Largo, Florida - Tavernier, Florida



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